Die maintenance of die life

1、 Objective: to make the equipment keep the best performance and prolong the service life, and ensure the normal production.

2、 Scope of application: applicable to mold repair and maintenance.

3、 Regular inspection and maintenance: regular maintenance and inspection shall be carried out by mold maintenance and upper and lower mold personnel.

4、 After the processing of the mold using electrolytic ultrasonic cleaning method cleaning effect is better. Cleaning at the same time play a role in rust prevention

1. Daily routine inspection and maintenance:

1.1 is the running die in normal condition

a. Whether there is low voltage mode locking protection;

b. Are the moving parts, such as guide post, ejector pin and running position worn and well lubricated? It is required to add oil at least once every 12 hours. For special structure, it is required to add more times.

c. Whether the screws and clamping clamps of the fixed formwork of the mould are loose;

1.2 normal production condition: check whether the defect of the product is related to the mold;

1.3 when getting off the machine, the mould should be inspected comprehensively and treated with anti rust treatment: wipe the water in the cavity, core, ejection mechanism and row position, and spray anti rust agent or grease on the mould.

1.4 the mould after dismounting shall be placed at the designated place and recorded

(1) Mold condition: intact or to be repaired. (2) The antirust treatment method of lower die.

2. Quarterly routine inspection:

It is mainly to clean and maintain the mould that has not been used for more than two months.

2.1 open the mold and check the internal anti rust effect. If there is any abnormal condition, it is necessary to carry out anti rust treatment again. If the mold is not used for a long time, it is necessary to apply grease

2.2 return to the original position and make records