Are you clear about some mistakes of mould?

The topic of mold is actually the one with the highest weight in the scope of supply chain.

Why? Because the input cost consumed by the mold is the largest.

This makes many product enterprises attach great importance to the mold, so that we have a lot of questions about the content of the mold.

To design often receive a lot of customers about the mold questions.

But it can't be separated from this point: cost.

Next, we are divided into three modules. Tell you in detail how all aspects of the mold affect the cost.

First, about product design

Can let the mold affect the cost, can not avoid the problem of product design.

When the product design drawings come out, the hidden processing difficulties will greatly affect the production cost of the mold.

Where will these difficulties arise?

It may be a tiny structure in the design drawing.

You should know that sometimes a structure that does not matter in design may increase the cost of the mold.

Mold is a whole, a humble place will be likely to double the difficulty of mold making.

This is also the reason why a product optimization is recommended before making a mold.

If there are omissions in the design from the beginning, the increase probability of mold cost will be greatly improved.

Second, about the mold itself

Finished product design, we will focus on the mold itself. It can be said that at present, the most influential factor of mold cost is the selection of mold raw materials.

The raw material cost of the mold accounts for at least 50% of the total cost.

Different steel, different specifications, price positioning are not the same.

If the pursuit of high-quality mold, the choice of foreign steel, steel than the choice of domestic prices several times.

Of course, it depends on the enterprise's demand for mold life and product positioning. But under normal circumstances, we still suggest that you choose domestic materials.

This is enough for some common consumer products.

Secondly, in addition to raw materials, will affect the mold cost is the product parameter requirements.

According to the common parameter requirements, it can be divided into the following points:

Surface requirements: different surface materials of products, such as matte, bright surface, sunburn, etc.

Product materials: common materials are ABS, PVC, PC and so on.

Color and quantity

Secondary process: some products will require secondary injection molding and other processing requirements.

Although it is a simple summary of a few points, but in fact the mold needs to use the parameters will be more complex than this.

Every product is unique, so is the mold.

According to different parameter requirements, the price of the mold will be completely different, you can pay more attention to this aspect when consulting mold problems.

Problems encountered in making mould

In addition to the above mentioned content, there are also some points that we need to pay attention to when making the mold.

(1) Mold repair and modification

This will cost a lot of time and workload, not only prolong the production cycle, but also increase the cost of the mold.

Therefore, before making the mold, the enterprise must first confirm that the hand board is satisfied, and then carry out the mold.

(2) Complex processing technology

Mold itself already contains many parts, the more complex the process will increase the cost.

(3) Production quantity

The less a product is produced, the higher the cost.

Because no matter how much quantity, the time, labor and cost of making the mold are fixed.

Pull a hair and move the whole body

In fact, the above mentioned is not all the contents of the mold. But we hope that through this article, we can understand the relationship between mold and cost more clearly.

As a tool from creativity to mass production, mold is the most appropriate way to interpret it.

I hope you will pay more attention to the cost factors when making the mold.

Don't let this huge investment be wasted in invisible places.

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