Contact information

Contact information

We are a group of professional managers, enthusiastic in the institutional industry, electronics industry, EMS industry has 15-25 years of experience, coupled with strong design and development capabilities, for smart home, consumer electronics, kitchen appliances and light luxury and other products have product development experience. 

Our background includes the above past experience and serving as a senior management team among the largest suppliers in the industry, the past close customer relationship and mature technology combined with experienced management team and innovative design concepts. I believe that for our customers to go to a new height and create more business value.

Wechat:   jxayang

Sales Hotline:   86-153-2288-5998    + 86-0769-8293-0483

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Company address:  No. 146, Guanchang Road, xiangdong village, Dalingshan Town,                                                                        Dongguan City 

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